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Sabah Industries Group

About Sabah Dairy : Sabah industries group comprise of twelve manufacturing and service provision companies were founded in Iran in year 2000. Main activity of the group is dairy production where, its main factories are located in the lush green county of Golestan (north of Iran, near the Caspian Sea) and Ghoochan (North East of Iran), producing:- cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream, yoghurt drinks and whey. These manufacturing facilities were designed and commissioned by Iranian engineers in 2000 and within short period of time, Sabah Dairy established itself as one of Iran’s top dairy producers and has won many accolade:- “winner of Best National Cheese (National Milk Festival)” and for the past three years, winner of the Best Dairy Exporter (2007, 2008, 2009).

 Other manufacturing facilities are Milk Powder production, Dairy Farms & Milk Stations, Animal Feed Production, Packaging Facilities, National Dairy Distribution Centres, Fajr Sabah Trading Company (import & export), Sabah Cold Store, Iria Sabah Development and Construction Company and Kimia Fajr Azad Shahr Co.

Sabah group has invested extensively in R&D, advance production technology, following strict international standards (ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and HACCP), human resources, and is continuously striving to develop new innovative and quality products for domestic and international markets.

 Fajr Gonbad Milk Industries

The first production facilities in the group were established in Gonbad (Golestan Province) in year 2000 with capacity to produce 10 tonnes of dairy products per day. This facility now is producing more than 100 tonnes of top quality, Feta white cheese, lactic cheese, Iranian white UF cheese.

 Golestan Sabah Dairy Production

This manufacturing facility was established in Gonbad (Golestan Province) in year 2004, next to our existing production facilities. This production facility produces more than 40 tonnes of Cream Cheese, daily.

 Fajr Asak Ghoochan Milk Industries

This is our largest production facility, located in Ghoochan (Khorasan Razavi Province). This facility was commissioned in year 2004 and produces top quality dairy products (Yoghurt, cheese, milk, etc…). Current production capacity is in excess of 200 tonnes per day.

 Sabah Powder Fajr

This factory produces around 10 tonnes of Whey Powder and 15 tonnes of Milk Powder. This facility was established in year 2004 next to our existing facilities in Gonbad Kavoos.